Guess who went to Palm Springs for a whole more than 24 hours all by herself*, and guess whose whole family survived the whole ordeal? Yep. This one!

(*Little Henry is still used to sleeping in bed next to mama, with access to the all night, all you can eat milk buffet, so we were not sure how well this was going to go over....)


  1. awesome...Palm Springs looks like a very lovely place!

    I had a few questions for you (breastfeeding, cosleeping, ap stuff). I was curious to know how things were going with Henry but you basically answered in your last sentence. Anyway, I will send you a little email this week :)

    take care xox

  2. Anonymous7:21 PM

    That is so amazing. I really hope your sleep was epic! It is sooo well deserved. I am glad it went ok with H, I would love to hear the details someday. xoxo