Tomorrow H and I are hitting the Santa Fe depot (San Diego's train station) for a quick trip up to LA. The last time I caught a train out of San Diego and into LA, I was 19.  Instead of wearing a baby in a pack I had a huge pack with a very small tent, a little stove and pot, 1 or 2 outfits, a bathing suit, and a one way plane ticket to Kauai. I spent the night at the airport because it was cheaper than a hotel, and no trains would have gotten me there early enough in the morning to catch my flight. I spent the next 3 or so months camping out on various, epically gorgeous beaches. My, how the times  have changed!


  1. wow! you are one brave person! I have always envied people who could do that kind of stuff.
    sounds like a great time to be had!

  2. Um, where are the photos?!

  3. Love this. I'm usually taking that train in the opposite direction. Hope you had fun in LA!