Last night I dreamed that Tom Waits had a side career as an engineer and that he was my new boss.
It was awesome.

(In other news, in case you were not aware he has a new album set to release. Check out the private listening party here)


  1. I've been loving the couple of songs that they've been playing from it on KCRW lately.

    P.S. - Actually met him under the weirdest circumstances. I went to college with his daughter, and on admit day all the parents are invited. So, we're standing in the buffet line and both my parents start squealing at once because they'd spotted him across the room. And then they calmed down and we all sat down. And about 5 minutes later TW + fam walks over and asks if he can sit at our table. I was so sure that my parents were going to LOSE IT completely, but they managed to feign ignorance really well. I think he had no idea that any of us knew who he was. We just talked about college majors for the entire lunch.

  2. Anonymous2:33 PM

    ok, i have been planning on talking about the new album on the blog. i once had the weirdest dream about bob dylan and it was great. i love dreaming about my musical idols.

    ...RACHEL... HOLY. SHIT.

  3. God, I love him. I saw him perform in Atlanta at the Fox Theatre a few years ago. SO GOOD, Y'ALL. More Tom Waits photos to drool over, over here. I don't care if he's old enough to be my dad. Just sayin'. xo.

    @Rachel - that sounds so surreal! xo.

  4. Hands down best scene from Coffee & Cigarettes. I'm seconding Naurnie's holy shit to Rachel, well done those parents for not losing it!

  5. Good god I wish I was related to Tom Waits. *s*