Many of you all might be familiar with my friend Meg over at A Practical Wedding. Did you also know that next Thursday she is hosting a kick ass mass wedding reception (plus footing the bill for two lucky couples to MARRY) to celebrate the *new* marriage equality in New York?

Yay New York! Is a wedding, a dance party, and a fundraiser (to help bring equality to other states) all rolled into one. If you are in the area, please go! Popsicles! Sangria! Old school hip hop dance music! You won't regret it. Get all the details and full scoop here, and buy yourself some tickets here.

Because what is more practical than equality?


  1. awesome! sounds like a fantastic event, wish I could go.
    "Because what is more practical than equality?"...well said!

  2. Well, that's the perfect thing to see as I'm packing. I wish you could gooooo....