We are so lucky to welcome Kate Miss of For Me, For You today. Kate has impeccable taste in style and design, and her Bits of My Weekend photos were one of the few that inspired me to start posting recaps (sometimes) of my weekends. In between her picture perfect weekends and adorable cat Wendy she somehow finds time to make the best jewelry. Kate grew up in Seattle, which I find incredibly cool (having grown up in Las Vegas.) I lived for a stint in Seattle and always love hearing about it, so I asked her to do a little post for us on that!

stereotypical view

Although I have not lived there in quite a while, when I think about where home is to me, my gut instinct is to think of Seattle. While it was “the city” to me growing up in the ‘burbs and always seemed so magical to me when I was young, eventually the laid back attitude, very quiet hum and very gentle bustle of the city turned me off and fueled me to get the hell out and over to the insanity of New York City. But the older I get the more I fall back in love with Seattle and crave the quieter hum, the smaller city charm, and just how damn nice and positive everyone is for a place where clouds loom practically half of the year. I also cannot go any further without mentioning how beautiful Seattle is, clouds or not. There are certain parts of California and the deserts of Arizona that take my breath away, but nowhere else does that mossy green and mountain range make my heart beat like Seattle. You don’t even need to leave the city to catch a glimpse of all that beauty either, it’s right there at arms length.

ace hallway

So what should you do if you go for a visit? There are a million things to do, but here is a very quick day plan I like:

- Stay at The Ace. They have pretty affordable shared bathroom rooms that I can attest to being awesome. I do not like shared bathrooms, but the bathrooms are directly outside of your door, and during a summer stay I never once had to wait for someone or see another soul exit it. It’s also in a relatively convenient area in Belltown downtown, you can see the water from some of the windows, and the design of everything is top-notch.

- Visit the Seattle Art Museum, recently renovated and made even more awesome, and also visit the sculpture park on the water. Even if you’re not into the sculptures, the view of the water is really peaceful, and on a clear day you can see the Cascade Mountains.

- You have two choices I cannot decide between: drive/bus to Capitol Hill and eat at Oddfellows, or drive/bus it to Ballard and have Mexican food at La Carta De Oaxaca. If you are super lazy and do not want to leave the 'hood, walk down the Mamas.

- If you chose Capitol Hill, you can walk around Pike and Pine and visit cute shops along those streets. There's so much new stuff since I lived there! If you chose Ballard, walk down Ballard Ave to visit those cute shops. If you were lazy, walk over to Pike Place. Sure, it's touristy, but I still love it.

- Have dinner at Le Pichet, my favorite restaurant in Seattle that has amazing French food and is a close walk from The Ace. It’s fancy without feeling pretentious or too fancy.

have they always been there?

I hope you get a chance to visit someday if you haven’t. Stay tuned for my second guest post where I suggest a different itinerary for a day!


  1. way too many of my favorite things in one post. DELIGHTFUL.

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    And get thee to the library!!! Rem Koolhaas designed it and it the most fun building I have ever had the pleasure to be in. So bold, big and bright, really incredible. And if you are eating at Le Pichet (my favorite too, Kate!) it's just a short walk. Don't miss.

  3. oh man this post does make my heart beat a little faster- Seattle, (even though I hate the rain), is magic- i've traveled a fair amount and whenever i come back to Seattle i'm once again surprised by it's beauty. Love this!

  4. Yes! I just visited two weekends ago and even being from NYC and frequenting the MoMA, I was so impressed with the SAM. They had pieces I've been dying to see up close for years. I also could spend the rest of my life in their public library.

  5. Looking so much forward to visit Seattle one day, must be a great city!!

  6. i agree with all her recos- volunteer park is also worth a visit, and mexican mondays at sitka and spruce is just about as close to real mexican as you can get in seattle

  7. Seattle is pretty amazing/unique. I remember people chilling at the lake as if it was the beach, which was always so funny to this So Cal girl. And the aboretum (?) is amazing. Here we just have tumbleweeds and sidewalks...