It is about damn time I do a little post of the diorama I made with Britt for Hitched (for those of you who have not seen it on the other blogs).

{max wanger}

We wanted to collaborate using her awesome miniature plant skills and my illustration/design addiction, and came up with this little (pioneertown inspired) western wedding town, complete with a wedding aisle, chapel, saloon, horse corral, and teepee honey moon suite (of course).

{brandon kidd}

How bitchin' is this tumbleweed chandelier Britt hung up?

{love me sailor}

And for a touch of practicality, we made the whole thing an interactive guest book. Guests leave little notes of well wishes for the couple on the flags.

{amelia lyon}

{erin hearts court}

And of course my desert wedding guide! I will try and think of a way to share it digitally, for anyone interested.

If you have not already, see the full event on 100 layer cake. So much goodness!

Thanks again to everyone. The hitched gals, all the amazing and sweet photographers. The other crazy talented people involved, and of course my ♥ Britty.


  1. H E A V E N.

    absolute heaven, you tremendous talent.

    (and gorgeous portrait of the artist at work, lady!)

  2. Please sell dioramas in your shop. Ok? Ok.

    Also, I see your CURLS.

  3. loved that diorama SO MUCH.

  4. can i have a tumbleweed chandelier please? and a diorama of my life made by you maybe?

  5. Anonymous10:31 AM

    What a beautiful model and I love love love the tumbleweed chandelier

  6. Anonymous11:26 AM

    fabulous diorama and i'm just smitten with the space in the first picture... so light and airy!

  7. the hair! i almost said "i die," but i would never say that. i die, though.

    beautiful work. diorama in the baby's room?

  8. Wow, this is amazing! I love the photos too. Also, next time I visit my dad in eastern washington, I'm totally taking home a tumble weed. That light is genius!

    And congratulations on the new baby! So many exciting things going on!

  9. Lots of diorama close ups! (The one on 100 Layer Cake wasn't quite enough to see the details.) I love it. Especially the teepee.

    Add me to the I-want-a-tumbleweed-chandelier list, too.

  10. Anonymous1:09 PM

    i should like one of those tumbleweed chandeliers for our house. amazing. and you look so cute!

  11. amazing work! so teensy tiny cutesy.

  12. Aaah! I love it! It's wonderful.

    Great picture of you at work.

    That lady in picture seven looks a little fearful of the chandelier!

  13. this makes me want to go back to fourth grade in the worst way. i could do a way better job on my mission project now!

  14. oh my, you are too much.

  15. Woman, you are a creative machine.

    Question: I want a tumbleweed chandelier, but are they gross up close, or nice? I don't want the buggies.

    And @Rachel I forbid you from discussing Mission projects, ever again. Love, Another California Child.

  16. Absolutely incredible, seriously. I'm so very impressed by your talents and creativity!

  17. your display with britt was by far my super duper favorite!

  18. really really really pretty Jamie!!! And yes, the tumbleweed chandelier was amazing.

    I want a recap of the desert wedding guide! I didn't get to see it in person.

  19. Last night I thought HARD about my very own diorama. Not that I haven't been thinking hard about my very own doll house for quite some time.

  20. thanks guys. <3

    @meg ummmm. they are not *gross* or *nice*. there are no buggies, but they ARE tumbleweed. not for the faint of heart, i expect.

  21. This is amazing!
    LOVE the tumbleweed chandelier. When I lived in Arizona, I was constantly making practical housewares and sculptural art out of Saguaro ribs and dried mesquite branches--gorgeous, and definitely not for the faint of heart. I must read your Desert Wedding book! Thinking about getting hitched in Tucson one of these days!

  22. what @cevd said... but without the "maybe" part. ;)

    your hair, seriously.

  23. oh my god, seriously, you should sell custom dioramas for people, and tumbleweed chandeliers. that would be amazing. i know it would also bue super-time-consuming, but amazing nonetheless.

  24. Absolutely amazing. I've never seen anything like it before. My favorite part is the little succulents you placed throughout the diorama.
    Looks like a fantastic event!! Makes me want to have a wedding all over again!

  25. Too cute & it was even better in person! Your desert guide was one of my favorite goodie bag gets, I'm keeping it for any and all desert related adventures...

  26. fantastic work (as always!!). really wish i could have been there. thanks for sharing these images with us!