Does anyone else have trouble balancing doing too much vs too little?

Last weekend was a case of the too littles. After an especially busy and tiring week I just wanted to relax. But that led to restlessness, and subsequently getting grumpy with Ben when he failed to entertain me (sorry Ben). Then of course there are the weekends when I just do too much.

This weekend was a pretty damn fine balance. Pictured: I spent time with Angie (how great are the colors in her shirt?) and Ben (who has a sharp new haircut), reading, unpacking baby supplies that are starting to arrive in earnest, chipping away at his room (it's looking so good! I can't wait until it is done and I can share it with you!), crafting (! Finally! I have been itching to craft for ever, but am just starting to find the time) sitting out in the sun (more reading), more crafting (I will share the projects later), and writing baby shower thank you notes (I love Ben's curly little handwriting).

I will admit to being pretty exhausted by the time we were almost done deep cleaning the kitchen yesterday late afternoon, but Ben was a champ and finished up- then went on to making dinner, while I went on to more relaxing activities. It is amazing how sore/tired I get with a bit of activity being late in the pregnancy, even though I am not that big....!


  1. Your crafting projects look pretty incredible! Can't wait to see more!

  2. enjoy the time/boredom while you can. aren't you going to have a baby?

  3. i love the lighting in these photos... nice & light!

    and i'm always struggling with balance. good luck!

  4. ah-ha. a stamp. not spuds. tho stamping with potatoes is just as fun.