I am a little unsure about how to finish a list of 30 things to do before I turn 31. Because, you know, in about 2.5 months (or less?!?) our whole life is going to radically change forever, and all.

I am afraid to commit to too many extra curricular activities, and I am not sure how to integrate life with the little guy into the list.

The list kind of implies things you were not doing before, right? So almost everything I imagine I want to do with the babe could be on it. But since he is entirely new that doesn't feel quite right either. I could say "use cloth diapers!", but really, I can't. But I also can't make a list of 30 things that don't directly involve him, as I expect he will be an overwhelming part of my life before I turn 31. (As kids always will, but with newborns, you know?) I am afraid to say, I will do all these things! When I might not have time to do any of them?

So, I leave in incomplete for now. Your thoughts on the general conundrum are welcome. ;)

1. finish the unfinished
2. renew our passports
3. camp at lake arrowhead
4. sew
5. make with felt
6. work/life balance
7. make family christmas stockings
8. smarten up our yard
9. finish (er, start) the little guy's room
10. have a big black and white poster made
11. more houseplants
12. spend lots of time with the little guy at the beach (come on summer, need you on this one)
13. continue the c&q flea market line
14. get and use wacom
15. use the printing book I got for christmas
16. compost
17. use the heck outta that ping pong table
18. continue gardening, with renewed dedication
19. keep using that little video recorder my dad gave us last year, and actually edit the videos


  1. I've seen A TON of these lists lately, and I'm ALL FOR setting personal goals and such, but I wouldn't put too much pressure on yourself, especially with bambino on board. I suggest doing the things that make you happy and allow you "you time" to think, feel and just be. Kudos to the ladies who finish their lists (i.e. http://eatmakeread.com/category/events/3030-list/) but maybe there's just as much merit in list-making as list-doing. Just my two cents!

  2. i'm with nicole...i'm a huge list girl, but i rarely finish everything, and sometimes, a year later, i change it up. I think it's just good to put it all down on paper (or the blog) ... as a reminder, if that makes sense. make sure to keep going camping and drawing and making stuff and taking baby to the beach, and start with the easy stuff first, like renewing passports. good luck!

  3. maybe you should have two lists...one of things you want to do for you and one of things you want to do because the baby is in your life.

  4. "Make with felt" just sounds dirty; I hope you intend make with some luscious stuff.

  5. you have to allow yourself to let go of the old list. "finish the unfinished" is WAY TOO MUCH to have hanging over your head.

  6. Sounds like a great list to me. I especially loved #7. My Paupau (grandma) made all of the grandchildren stockings with their names on them before she died of MS and I know my brother, sister and I cherish them and even though we've all grown up and moved away, my mom still has our stockings and we all come home every Christmas to spend it together, with our lovely stockings full of chocolate and toothbrushes. My mom is very practical.

  7. Anonymous1:54 PM

    lady, i don't think you need a list at all. i think that you are about to have a baby. i think you started your own business. i think you have a lot going on, and i think the biggest thing on that list is for you to nest that little room for the wee one. the other things will come ;) xo

  8. smarten up that yard! that's a fun one. great list, but go easy on yourself, I say.

  9. My faves are the houseplants and the ping pong!

  10. Just a personal issue I run into...when my tasks are too broad, I hardly ever
    "accomplish" them. But if I get super specific, it just seems easier because it's all laid out in front of me. :)

  11. ESB is wise. Also, there are over 20 items unfinished, so you if you do want to finish it maybe you should nix the idea of adding any more...?

  12. What Naurnie said (wise woman, that one.)