You know how sometimes I come back from a trip and say "oddly I didn't take many photos"...? Well, not the case here folks. I went through four rolls of film. Not to mention a hefty stack of instax with Carinna. But I do need to develop and scan them. And then I will tell you all about the trip. (Don't worry, I will edit down the photos to just my favorites.)

In the mean time, catching up on google reader has me all excited for Christmas! You guys are starting to pull out all the stops. Trees and decorations are going up, ornaments are being bought, gifts wrapped! I can't wait to catch up! I am tempted to buy baby's first ornament. (I seem to have an unintentional lion theme started out for the nugget.)

So now. Getting ready for the holidays. Settling into a routine with the new work Cactus & Quail is bringing (!!!!!!) preparing for a new year (and baby!) and reflecting on the previous (29 things review!). Resuming some normal posting.... All that. And finally, how sweet was Celia's post yesterday. SO SWEET.


  1. ha! i have an unintentional giraffe theme going. #safaribabies

  2. hmm. i can figure out how to make lions and giraffes.

  3. As a recent follower, I already feel so excited to hear about your foray into motherhood and check out the offerings of Cactus & Quail, nevermind get a few SD/SoCal fixes (at least via pictures) when New York's winter becomes too much.

  4. loved Celia's post! so fantastic you two friends are having babies together!