Happy Voting Day! (image via mociun.)

Assuming the film photos I dropped off last night turned out okay, I will be back with (very late) pics from the weekend tomorrow.)


  1. Anonymous6:10 AM

    I wanted to tell you that I was so pleased and relieved to see your vote post.

    I spent yesterday afternoon in a state of significant disappointment as I clicked around to the usual suspects of the lady blogger world - cup of jo, unruly things, for me for you, wit and delight, greedy girl, frolic, oh joy, freckle farm, east side bride - and found that only you and "abbey goes design scouting" (I also posted this comment to her) had posted about the election or voting.

    Perhaps I was in a dark mood already, but seeing post after post about quilts, flat boots, linen skirts, and slouchy sweaters on a day of significant political importance left me feeling rather colossally depressed.

    Most of these blogs had posts a couple of years ago about Obama, so it can't be that these writers want to maintain agnostic about politics.

    I realized that I can't read these blogs anymore. It feels unconscionable to waste time on such head-in-the-sand frivolity.

    Maybe, given that you're a part of this community who has maintained some integrity, you can shed some light on this strange apolitical female blogger phenomenon.