Yeah, these babies came from our garden.

I finally feel comfortable crosssing #29 Garden, with Ben off the list, now that we have harvested:



(the cilantro was a fail, the squash is still acting mysterious , and the edamame went from what looked like infancy to pathetic and old and, way past it's prime. Not sure what happened there.)


  1. Hooray for home grown tomatoes! (Have you heard that song by Guy Clark? Cracked me up the first time I heard it.)

    Our cilantro didn't make it, either. Nor did the basil or spinach, which made me really sad. I feel like half our garden got eaten by bugs. At least we got some tomatoes & strawberries, though. Hopefully we'll do better in the spring.

  2. Tomatoes are the best anyways.

    My cilantro is terribly hit or miss. It needs a lot of direct sun, as far as I can tell. I had a successful crop but it bolted so fast that we didn't even get to use it. My parsley, on the other hand, is a trooper. Survives direct or indirect sun, lack of regular watering, rain, etc. Just wish I used it more often.

  3. You know what I find so sweet? That your goal was not just "garden" but "garden with Ben"

  4. Hooray for 'maters. My edamame did the same thing. But the ants seemed very happy to make them home.

  5. Congrats! They look delicious!

  6. oh so jealous! if only city apartments had a bit more room for vegetable gardens!

  7. Anonymous4:59 PM

    i am jealous that you've got enough direct sunlight for tomato plants. Our yard is 80% shaded, so I will never be able to grow veggies.

  8. Anonymous3:56 AM

    Give the coriander/cilantro another bash: we tried for a couple of seasons and gave up. Then it started sprouting up in our rose beds like a weed. A very tasty weed.

  9. You really can't beat fresh tomatoes home grown. Or any veggie/herb.

    I failed miserably with cilantro too. I guess it's one of those tricky ones.

  10. Cilantro is an asshole.

  11. cilantro is tricky! however a tip for growing cilantro is to make sure that the elbows on the bottom of the plant, right before the root, make sure those are not underground - keep them up! this should help!

  12. ditto what modernhaus said. gardening. with ben.
    you guys are the cutest.

    and let's just talk about what a talented photog you are; that's probably the most luminous, gorgeous picture of tomatoes i've ever seen. film?

  13. @kristy if it is the one that they played on NPR the other day... then YES!

    @bigbang you flatter, no digital!