Obviously the whole I will just post pictures as I take them so that film does not have to be processed by monday format was a little to loose. I need the discipline of having you all to report on Monday morning to keep myself taking pictures over the weekend. Unfortunately I did not decide this until Sunday, the day I didn't leave the house.
listenin to tunes
emmy lou
new houseplant
lunch, ben left
our vine growing spinach
niece play time!
ben & little P
We finally tended to our over grown garden, and Ben's mom who is visiting cooked up dinner with some of our harvest. Our baby niece is also here. Which is obviously too. much. cuteness. (Especially her + ben.)


  1. Your niece is far too cute to spring on the unsuspecting Internet at 7:30am on a Monday morning:).

  2. aw, that pic of ben and your niece is so sweet. also, that dinner is making me super hungry for pasta, good bread and chard (?) at 10:50 a.m.

  3. Good thing we NEVER TIRE of photos of your house.

  4. beautiful... and beautiful light in your house! that first pic of your niece is great. :)

  5. Um. Her + Ben? Definitely too cute for words. How did you stand it without eating them both up?

  6. chubby baby legs are the best kind of legs.

  7. yeah, all kinds of cuteness.
    @Various i know. we are so lucky. we really do have the best light. who needs homeownership with light like this. ;)

  8. Dude, even when I manage to leave the house on the weekends, I am not so great about getting pictures. But that's okay, because I love home shots the most. Yours are the best.

  9. Insane cuteness, indeed.