I always struggle a bit over gifts for the kid sis. We don't have the same taste and, (selfishly maybe?) I am always trying to impart a little something of what I care about in life with the gifts I give her. Whether it is through something more meaningful like a book, or just a higher quality crafted product than she might usually choose herself. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a good Día de los Muertos item for her, as she loves the artwork. This poster showed up on the French Paper blog today and it is available for purchase here.
Limited edition hand printed design (something I care about, check). Dark and moody day of the dead poster for her dark and moody room (something she cares about, check). Maybe I should get her a book that will inform her more about the actual, you know, holiday?
The only question that remains, give it to her now as a tag on late birthday gift, hold on to it till christmas, or give it to her just because when I see her in October?


  1. Hahahahah - Commission my son to paint something for her! He's ALL about the Sugar Skulls. See link.

  2. Just because in October when you see her (and for when the holiday is). And LADY! Go to Old Town! They have tons of Dia de los Muertos stuff there. Or damn, go to Tijuana.

  3. do not go to tijuana, honey. i want you to live!

  4. just b/c in october. just b/c gifts are the best.

    you have a seriously superior gift-picking-out skill. i totally just copied your friendship bracelet idea for my best girl from college.

  5. i ordered it! giving in october!