Britt will be writing a new monthly column (all things leafy green!) for Design Milk that you must check out, the last Tuesday of each month. But more importantly (for now) you should help her choose a name for the column, cause if she selects your idea you will win one of these bad boys;

Get more info here.


  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    our new house needs one of these.

  2. hi jamie! my best friend lily of bigbang loves your blog and introduced me to it. it's fantastic! look forward to following your desert adventures ... xo, kate

  3. I posted these on her blog...thanks for yet another excuse to not work..

    the Moss Boss
    the Cactus Wrangler (with accompanying graphic of you roping a cactus…)
    No Leaf Unturned
    Succulent Society
    Pointed Advice; Cactus, Succulents, and beyond
    the Green Valley Gossiper
    Green Belt; defensive moves for guerilla gardeners

    and the worst idea ever: Plant-casso