Since chopping off all of my hair I have not worn earrings once. This might have something to do with losing every pair of my favorite earrings in The Great Tragedy, but more likely it is just because I usually wore dangly earrings, but I don't think I am a short hair + dangly kind of earring girl.

I went poking around on etsy last night. I like these designs by Mika and Nora. Those faceted studs above might be a good option for me if they are not *too* big (a more affordable alternative to these really nice ones.) Also in consideration are some simple geometric studs, (more lustworthy versions) probably in the form of triangles (even better), maybe pyramids? Or maybe some rough natural stones? Or even faceted ones?

What kind of earrings do you like with super short hair? ESB suggested hoops, which I am all for, but I need to get some daily basics, first.


  1. When I had my boyish pixie cut, I wore earrings every day because I felt like the rest of me had to be as girly as possible.

    I wore dangly earrings, but not BIG dangly ones. Most of them hung about half an inch from my earlobes.

  2. Anonymous8:48 AM

    When I chopped off all my hair I wore earrings as long as I could find them. But this was mostly because I realized just how short my neck was and tried to find any way to make it seem longer :)

  3. My sisters, when they have short hair, are prone to small platinum discs or hoops with itty bitty diamonds. But they wear those when they have long hair too...When my hair was short I was working in the corporate world so whatever my earring choices might have been they were completely wrong for you now:).

  4. helloooooooooooooooooo. hoops ARE daily basics. of course now that I've said that I can't find a pair for you.

    working on it.

  5. i know, but i think i need to start with posts.

  6. I'm all dainty, all the time. I dig the faceted studs.
    Hoops make me look like a moose.

  7. i wear multiple tiny hoops all the time (three in the left, two in the right) and have never managed to pull off bigger earrings with the pixie (though i don't try very hard; mostly i try on things well-meaning people give me as gifts and go "aauugh!" when they look terrible). given what i understand of your wardrobe, i think maybe the studs are a good look for you, too - and save the danglies for eveningwear? (man, "eveningwear" is a weird compound word.)

  8. I like these quartz crystal towers ($45):

    And these little brass posts ($22):

    Both via Pretty Mommy's shop:
    (yep, I want it ALL.)

  9. i have an opposite philosophy- long=posts.. short=dangly.

    dangly ones get all caught up in my hair and i HATE IT. posts allll day

  10. I've been really digging just little gold ball studs. There are a few on etsy for $5!

  11. I always thought that shorter hair meant longer earrings. Hhhmmmm....

    I would second the hoops. Maybe something like this or this.

    Although you might not want to take earring advice from me, because the last time I wore any of mine was when I was mandated to, as a bridesmaid. They just never occur to me.

  12. Being a short haired girl myself, I do love dangly earrings. But not super dangly ones. They are a lot of fun to wear with short hair b/c they are very visible and noticeable, and often get lost with long hair, I think.