instead of a perfect world, I have been dreaming of the perfect bag;

*brown leather (somewhere betweeen carmel and chocolate)
*new, but classic in appearance
*simple, rather masculine
*large enough to hold my huge wallet, a sketchbook, my camera, maybe a water bottle, if lucky, and miscelanous cositas (little thingies), or in a major pinch, my laptop, wallet and cositas only
*but small enough to not quite be a messenger bag, exactly
*a long enough single shoulder strap that it can be worn, while biking, across the chest like a messenger bag
*but styled to be worn over one shoulder, otherwise, if desired
*not entirely brake the bank
*wears well with many years of hard use


  1. Um, you just described my perfect bag. I've been looking for one -exactly- like this for a few months now...so good luck! I'd love to know if your search is successful.

  2. when you find that, please let me know. you've described my perfect bag.

  3. I'm on the hunt too. I saw a Sabina bag that almost fit the description at this crazy outlet place, but it had funny looking tassels.

  4. Ditto the previous three. I'm almost considering purchasing some leather and making something myself.

  5. Angela9:39 AM

    so like a vintage flight bag? like this: http://www.scaramangashop.co.uk/fashion/leather-bags/for-him/travel-bags/large-vintage-flight-bag/prod_774.html

  6. Yes. That sounds a lot like my perfect bag...accept mine is $1600 in actuality (Chloe). BUT while in Boston I discovered a VERY close runner up for under $200 here - http://www.us.allsaints.com/. I can't find it online (boo) but it looks like they have a store in Santa Monica and LA.

  7. this sounds miles more realistic and attainable than my bullsh*t dreams.

    did you see those cambridge satchels i posted a couple months ago? they come in brown and seem like they might be exactly what you're looking for...


  8. figured i wasn't the only one.

    @celia too feminine, and add to the list; soft leather

    @angela closer, but too bulky, and nix the black zipper top. thinking fold over top flap?

    hey, there is a reason i don't have one yet.

  9. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Perfect! I need one of those!

  10. well, they have the other bags in the same category that might be a little better: http://www.scaramangashop.co.uk/fashion/leather-bags/for-him/travel-bags/cat_47.html

  11. it's not brown and it's not on sale (as it was when i bought it - discounted you can get it for $300 and change), but i'm pretty sure the perfect bag is this; i bought a grey one three years ago and have carried it every day since.

  12. Anonymous10:57 AM

    I would like that bag too, please and thank you.

  13. I think you could have that bag mailed to the same address as Celia's new art collection:

    123 Delusional Lane
    Inmydreams, CA

  14. These are handsome/rugged yet elegant:

  15. I have a 'Larch' bag from these guys: http://www.etsy.com/shop/valhallabrooklyn
    which fits some of your criteria, I can vouch that it is hardwearing and nicely made. I carry my DSLR around in it as well as all my other stuff.

  16. Anonymous6:56 PM

    You have just described my bag - which does all those things but also fits diapers and bottles, but still not a big satchel/messenger bag. I bought it in Dubai several years back after a many years of traveling and searching. Can't tell you the shop though. good luck.

  17. http://www.billykirk.com/page.cfm?id_product=29923129&type=1&product_group=21844278&xid=53753800

    Found via Heartthrobs and Villains

  18. Well, this doesn't perfectly meet the bill (little pricey and i guess no brown available but black & gray) but is pretty close/nice.

    also maybe one of her bags?

    i have a little pouch i got from her shop & i love it. very well made.

  19. Well post it when you find it, b/c it's essentially what I'm looking for too (and hey, if we get the same bag then maybe we'll spot each other in SD!)

  20. banana republic has a bag, very much like that, on sale... i just purchased it! maybe check online?

  21. Surprisingly, Target actually has a ton of these kinds of bags right now from their Converse All-Star brand. I was looking for the same type of bag and ended up finding two different ones there that I loved! They're only about $40!

  22. http://www.fossil.com/en_US/shop/women/handbags/crossbody/hanover_crossbody-zb2869p.html?departmentCategoryId=30000&N=0&Va=42&Ns=p_wsc2|0||p_weight|0&rec=42&pn=c&imagePath=ZB2869020



    I love Fossil.

  23. Okay, I generally HATE anthropologie and make a rule of NOT shopping there. Ever. But a friend of mine has this gorgeous bag that she got there which prompted me to check out what they have and I am SO tempted to brake my rule. They have a ton of cross-body bags that are actually pretty cute. Check out the zipways....

  24. Anonymous5:01 PM

    This? http://www.luckybrand.com/Crossbody-Convertible-Bag/LBJ10306,default,pd.html?cgid=womensAccessories&selectedColor=222

  25. ha! i think we were separated at birth. you are describing MY perfect bag! i love that you want it to hold your camera, computer, water, wallet, etc... but not be as a big as a messenger. i COMPLETELY understand.