I have been lamenting all over the internets (and the meatspace for that matter) about the lack of summer. It is just plain old not hot here in San Diego.

But you know what? F*ck it. I am going to try my damndest to kick start summer. Last night, Little Sister arrived. She is on break from school. What is more summer than that? So even though reports tell us it is not exactly sunny down there, we are going to the beach. The first (San Diego) swim of 2010.

Summer 2010, it is on. I have in mind; library, too many books -- movies, indoor and out - - water (ocean, river, pool lake bring it!) - - weekends away - - shooting film on my old minolta - - bbqs - - dogs - - parks - - ping pong - - camping - - ice cream - - thrifting - biking - cracking away at The List - - soccer watching -- lounging....

Ambitious, I know. Which means I am going to cut back on the blogging. A little less commenting/reading? Maybe only a couple of posts a week?

So, summer.

Image by my new favorite, Abby Try Again


  1. Yes! Summer.

    It's foggy and freezing here. Still not used to San Francisco.

  2. I say fuck the list. Your new list (above) looks like much more fun.

  3. you totally just tricked ESB into saying watching soccer is fun.

  4. Enjoy. Your little sister will have so much.

  5. Aw, thanks for the shout out dude.
    I feel ya on the missing summer thing...in Portland every year it would stay rainy and well below 80 until July.
    I like your list, looks fun and do-able.
    Hope you have fun with your sis.
    And...I didn't forget about answering your email...I'm just really bad at that :)
    answer soon!

  6. Sounds like a great list planned for your summer. I love camping, making smores by the campfire and can't forget the taste of homemade strawberry icecream.

  7. I hear you! San Francisco give me 'lack of summer' all summer long... then somewheres at the end of September and the beginning of October summer finally arrives which is nice but by that time I'm so over it. sigh... Me & SF have a love/hate relationship. xo
    No worries for you though love I'm sure it's just June gloom and well, that will be clearing up soon.

  8. Jamie, you know San Diego likes to wait until Fall to get hot....don't you remember sweating in your back-to-school jeans and sweaters?

    My new favorite plus an old favorite summertime activity: Picnic basket from Saffron at Presidio Park (there's this lovely spot just below the pillar colonnade thingy where everyone gets wedding photos taken)

  9. no way! okay, i did not grow up here. but i have learned fast that september is the BEST month in san diego. hot weather + less crowded= best. BUT it is usually a LOT nicer by now. It was 68 and raining the other day. huh???

  10. I know you said you were gonna cut down on blogging, but....


  11. maybe I should take a tip from YOU.

  12. you know when I'm blogging a lot that there's really other stuff I should be doing.

  13. I KNOW. I really just want to post damn pictures from all the little trips i have taken, but they are a) at my friends house or b) needing to be scanned or c) waiting to be processed. (film!)

    also me & the sister have been keeping pretty busy.