And I'm back. What a whirlwind, people. Hating to miss anything (conference by day, recreation by night) I found myself staying up far later than I do at home, and then waking up earlier than necessary to catch the sunrise. Needless to say, I am so happy to be home.

I have photos to share, of course, but it might take me a few to post them. They are scattered. Some with me, others with Carly, and yet more still with Troy (who is still in Florida).

(Pictured was the map I made, during a particularly snooze worthy meeting, of suggested sights and restaurants in our hotel's neighborhood, since I was lacking any other printed map of the area.)


  1. Where is the PIGLET picture. I want the PIGLET picture.

    We are happy that you are home (and that you get to stay there).


  2. ooooh. all the pictures of piglet emmy are pre digital, and pre jamie. there is one of ben holding piglet emmy in his arms outside of his work. and he has shaggy hair and looks sooooo young and is wearing the leather watch band he made that got stolen and i wanted to post that one so bad, but i could not find it. :(