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I packed myself into the little car on Friday and jammed out to the Nevada desert to visit my mom (her 55th birthday!) and little sister at their wild, well-water fed, mesquite tree covered, desert home. It was too quick, and home on Sunday I feel exhausted and not ready for work. Oh well.

Friday we explored the surrounding desert, of course, then in the night we went to the hot springs (#27 check!). Saturday my sister used a controlled fire to clear all the dry plant material away while her boyfriend re dug the bonfire pit. (Who knew my teenage sister knew how to make a controlled fire? And, I love seeing teenagers determined with such purpose). Then on Saturday night we had a big bonfire, with smores. Under the desert sky. The kind with actual stars. My brother and his fiance and her son (I have a nephew!!!!!!) drove out from Las Vegas, and my sister's boyfriend's older sister (follow?) and her husband rode their quad over from their nearby home. For our teeny tiny family, this was a big representation! We eventually all moved into the living room and watched Avatar until we fell asleep, using every bed in the house plus couches and an air mattress.


  1. Sounds like amazing family time. Jealous all you have to do is hop in a car and head to the desert. As of now we have to hop a plane. At least for the next 5 to 10 years. A little dream of owning a motel on 395 in Bishop or Lee Vining was rekindled on this trip. We will see. I'm already plotting.

  2. that sounds so awesome. I wish I was hanging out in the desert right now.

  3. your mom's place looks MAGICAL.
    she has a pomegranate tree! and blooming globemallow! what an *amazing* weekend. your mama must be pretty kickass.

    (and do tell- what is the name of her town? we've explored all over that section of the mojave and i'm dying to know where this is. beautiful shots, woman.)

    also, just fyi: bistro escondido dinner at the iThouse on may 22nd. http://bistroescondido.blogspot.com/

  4. That is an impressive teenage sister. My sister was a fire-fighter for awhile, but definitely not until age 20. And it was more loading-planes-with-sluice than actual controlled-burn territory.

  5. I just went to some hot springs last weekend, too! I am just a little farther East (in UT). Lovely. Sounds like such an amazing trip! Love the photos, as always.

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