Hey, I have been SO GOOD about posting weekends I couldn't stop now. Friday night was our friends John's birthday. The table was set up outside, but it was so un-seasonally cold (seriously, it is COLD here) that we had to move the party inside. His family was visiting from Pennsylvania and the menu was a home cooked feast by his mom, including one of my favorites, Puttanesca. Days were low key and around the house, the highligh of Saturday being Little Fowl, of course, and Sunday meeting up with my littles + Ben's brother at Blind Lady Ale House (the best). I have said it before and I will say it a million times more, two days is not enough.


  1. Looks like a fun, and hopefully stress-reducing, weekend.

  2. i like your weekend posts. so chill and relaxing!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I agree, two days are not enough.

  4. you always have the best weekends. i have weekend envy.

    i'm out of school for the summer so my life is like one big, never ending weekend.

  5. your friend's blue house is adorable!

  6. that house is the bomb.

    yes, i said it's the bomb.
    also, let us appreciate out loud that nifty navajo upon which manray perches. also the bomb.

  7. Wonderful set. Love the beer mural shot.

  8. You really had a lot of fun. I agree with Julia, your friends house is so cute.
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.