Weekend was utterly unexciting, but just what I needed. I woke up feeling under the weather on Saturday, so I mostly took it easy, but I did manage to get the shed a little more cleaned out. (I have been neglecting the list big time.) Miraculously I felt better on Sunday, (miraculous because we went over to a friend's Saturday night to watch Zach Galifianakis stand up and I drank too much wine and ate too much cheese) allowing me to be insanely productive, including clearing out a plot in our backyard for a garden! (Hello, item #29!)


  1. Kitties peeking out of windows no fair.

  2. Hooray for gardens! We got ours planted, and things are actually growing. I'm quite excited, since I usually (accidentally) kill anything I plant.

  3. what'd you plant, what'd you plant?

    also, oh hey, that's where my cat went! you can, er, send him to me anytime.

  4. Ditto what Lauren said! Whajaplant?!
    And Manray seems to set the color palette of your beautiful house; ever noticed that before?

    Are you guys coming out to the hi-dez this wknd? It's POURING rain but sunny right now = insane wildflower explosion this weekend, I'm thinkin.

  5. Time for new Chucks. New Chucks for everybody (mine have those same holes).

  6. guys! all we did was clear out all the grass and weeds and rocks. see i said "clear out a plot" now we have to leave a black tarp over it for (I dunno how long.) to make sure all the bad stuff is dead. THEN we mix in new dirt. THEN we plant. ;)

    yeah. did you see how cute his little paw on the edge of the window is? (he is looking at birds for hunting. bad.)

  7. Excellent. Can't wait to see what you plant. Once the mandatory waiting period is over.

  8. that's awesome! planting a garden is on my list too...the list that's in my head, that is. i need a backyard first, though. and, i love your cat.