John Doe is headlining the Roots Fest on Adams Avenue this year! Saturday. Can't wait. Major bonus for being within biking distance....

Image of John Doe (& The Sadies) by Juan Perez Fajardo in which John is wearing the SAME STRAP* that I bought for Ben Left last year, by Jaycko. He is also wearing the kind of tie Ben likes so much. We sure like that John Doe, a lot.

*Oh, look! Pat Sansone wore it too!


  1. The Sadies played at the Palms (desert landmark and totally creepy bar in the middle of nowhere in Wonder Valley, about 45 mins east of JT) and although I wanted the see them the venue kinda skurred me off. The bar matron was just murdered by her husband, who then blew up their homestead cabin and did himself in. That's the kind of sh*t that happens in Wonder Valley.

    So go see em in the safe and respectable confines of a little street festival! HAVE FUN!

  2. John Doe came and taught a masterclass with the IAM department at work like a month ago. It was AWESOME!!!