I know. Not a single photograph taken in our house, and not a single picture of Manray. (That part is kind of sad.) We spent the weekend in the bay area, as promised most the time revolved around our so so so cute neice(s). (Presley and Lulu Bell.) We also made it to the Academy of Sciences (totally epic) ate insane amounts of great food, (I think I need to eat nothing but fruit and veggies for a week, seriously) hit the Alameda Flea (I think it was kind of a poor one, Easter morning + unusually cold & windy weather. Vendor booths were spread out like little islands in a sea of parking lot instead of being jam packed. I wasn't tempted by anything. Huh?) Sunday night we toasted Big Things with lovely friends (margaritas!), then before flying home on Monday we visited a very cool cemetery in Oakland. (and then ate more food.) Our ride home from the airport yesterday included Boomer, and alls well that ends with a snarl tooth pomeranian, no?

*Annnnd, thanks for all of your suggestions. I wish we had time for it all, (or that the damn weather would have permitted it)! From your list we also made it to Julie's, who had insanely good scones. (but too small.)


  1. omg, bulldog! must. squeeze. face.

    (yes, i'm still in the phase where puppies elicit more gushing than babies, but she's pretty f'ing cute too!)

    hope you enjoyed your visit!

  2. Anonymous8:01 AM

    I cannot even tell you how happy that first photo makes me! It is perfect.

    Also if that teletubby hill thing is the Academy of Sciences, then I love it.

  3. Oh, how precious! Baby and bulldog. Glad y'all had a good time. The Academy of Sciences does look pretty effing awesome.

  4. oh god! i love snaggle-toothed dogs. LOVE.

  5. Love those bulldog teeth!

    The child is cute too. And that's a big statement, coming from me.

  6. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Ditto to every person who posted ahead of me. That dog is just perfect and completely steals the baby's spotlight.

  7. my hometown! my parents live near that cemetery & my friend's dad is there...

    the alameda flea market is the BEST!

    and that bulldog is RIDICULOUS!