For Celia.

When I saw the name on my receiving package yesterday, it was only appropriate that Mannie sauntered over to take part.

[Our own personal bomb squad.]

Everything was deemed safe.*

Thank GOD. Because look at what was inside.

That owl? She made it. SHE MADE IT.**

That jam? It is anarchy in a jar, delivered by girls on bikes in Brooklyn.***

Manray decided to inspect for trace remnants.

He was satisfied.

"It is so relaxing to sit in this small box."****

Fellows. Thank you.

Thank you Amanda for hosting! You are a magical match maker, and know just who needs who.

Thank you Celia for being such a delight to give to!!!

Thank you Lauren for my delightful and perfect little owl.*****

*except the pink tissue apparently, as it was vigorously attacked later. Then used as kind of a hard surface front leg only sled for sliding across the hardwood floor. Running start required.

**"I am so glad you figured out he was an owl! I don't really know how to make patterns so I just stared at the fabric for a long time and then hand sewed a bunch." Isn't Lauren amazing?

***not pictured is that within minutes Ben Left was like vultures circling after this jam. I better watch my back, is all I'm saying.

****He tried to lay down in it. It didn't work, poor thing.

*****The only downside to giving to a different person than you receive from is now I feel badly that I have not made something for Lauren. But all in all, Amanda, I think I like this format.


  1. Too cute. Valentine's Day is much more fun on the blogs than it is in real life.

  2. kitty-in-a-box, kitty-in-a-box... (that's, er, actually a popular song in these parts. an only-in-our-house-when-no-one's-around-to-hear song.) you totally did make something for me - you know much i love manray-pics!

    (and you're very, very welcome - happy valentine's day, j.)

  3. Adorable. A barn owl. Beauteous things wrapped in cloth....

  4. LOVE all of it!
    thank you again.
    i'm posting pics of all the goodies tomorrow.

  5. Must. Have. Cat. Now.

    (What a great owl! I lub)

  6. Yay for Valentine's Day swaps! Isn't Lauren the craftiest?

  7. cat-in-box is almost better than corgi-in-a-duffel, but less likely to raise eyebrows.

    because said duffel got zipped closed over corgyn-head, which was really funny for like a second, and then we felt like bad humans. (corgi didn't seem to mind either way.)

    and what a marvelous box of goodies, made special for YOU, dearest jamie, who is full of life and talent. xo.

  8. yay for special packages in the mail!

  9. Anonymous8:03 PM

    That little owl is totally adorable.

  10. Why can't I have a cat? I love them so. They are such sleek, modern, sarcastic pets. I miss mine from childhood all the time.

    Husband is allergic. Maybe he could live outside? The husband, not the cat.

  11. ohh this makes me miss my Monster. So typical funny cat moves.