After a slow month, I finally have gotten to work on list item 2: Print/organize/archive photo collections. It started with disassembling the albums I made as a teenager. [They were not OK] Then organizing the HUGE mess of photos into piles- toss, album, box. Then making sure they were loosely chronological. That was phase one, it was actually much quicker that anticipated.

Phase two, where I started putting them into new albums, has gotten to a good start. I have been holding on to this really nice collection of grey binders that I got for free. I wanted something versatile, clean and simple. Something matching. I just filled them with thick thick heavy acid fee paper, and used white corners or acid free sticky backs to put the pictures in.

I have only completed one binder. It is a big one, and goes from before my time though about kindergarden age. My favorites are always of my parents in the years before I was born. They looked so happy and fun and stylish [which might just be cause I was born in '80, in which mainstream fashion went a little downhill]. My mom was Drop Dead. And my dad was a total cool guy. To say nothing of the film style.

Course I like the ones as of me as a baby>early childhood.

J: look look! wasn't I cute!?!?
B: yes, but you already showed me that one.

Now, I just have to get through the next 20 years.

And all of Ben's.

The last 6 or so years [read; the beginning of architecture school] I largely went digital, and didn't get around to having many prints made. So after I album the prints we have I need to start on THOSE. I have not decided if I want to print the individual pics and album them, or go an easier route and make books....?


  1. Somehow I'm now in charge of all the photos and scraps of paper I save, AND all of He-Mouse's. I like your binders solution. I've been using Canson albums.

  2. I am lubbing of the grey binders, obv.

    Also, I like it how your iPhones keep sneaking into photos of old-schooly stuff, like albums and actual photos. It's like they feel left out. DON'T FEEL LEFT OUT, LIL iPHONES.

  3. Very nice. I like your arrangements.

  4. damn. i knew i would get called out on that.

    obviously this was all on the same time (see the grey binder with the record, too?) and i carelessly failed to remove the iphones. it wasn't quite intentional, but i am usual very careful to remove unwanted items from such shots, so it must not have bothered me too much. and i was too lazy to crop.

    but, those effing phones are never in ANY DANGER of feeling left out.

  5. these are gorg.

    damn, my photos are in boxes on two sides of the country. and I probably haven't printed anything in 10 years :S

  6. Let me know how the books go. I just don't know how I feel about them yet.

  7. @brigitta i don't either. after the novelty of the idea wore off, i don't know. doesn't seem the right way to preserve and pass on memories?