After hearing ESB rave about organic vodka (and it's magical anti hangover quality) I decided to give it a go.

I took some extra measures too- on new years eve I drank only one cocktail type (besides a beer with dinner)- no mixing my boozes, and I only used low sugar mixers like lime juice and club soda. I also was careful to drink normal water in between, specially since I was in the desert.

It worked! Ok, I hardly drank that much, but it really doesn't take much for me these days. A couple cocktails and I DEF feel it in the morning. And new years day? Didn't feel a thing. Rad.


  1. i don't understand this? what is it about organic vodka that leaves one sans hangover? i might have to start with the organic liquor ...

  2. i did ~6 cocktails (no mixing types); pregamed it with pedialyte; postgamed it with advil and woke up not morosely hungover!

    yay for ESB & her fab recommendation. nice write up!


  3. how does that work? will definitely try.. Great article!

    God Bless

  4. i am *such* a cheap date these days. seriously, what happened in the murky years between college and somewhat-adulthood? intrigued by the organic vodka if it comes sans pesticided potatoes and hangovers...looks like it's a woman-one show, which is cool, too. and her name is lily:)

    somewhat related, the nytimes did a quirky article a one-woman absinthe distillery in upstate ny that even michael pollan would approve of...i want to try her batch distilled with wild VIOLETS:


  5. lily- your comments are always more like little emails to me :) <3

    oh yeah w&m- i did the ibuprofen before bed, too.

    to be honest, cevd, i can't guarantee it was the vodka. see; no sugar, no mixing alchohol, water, advil.