My weekend is starting early, I am counting today and tomorrow, since Sunday is lost in travel. I have a lot to do this weekend, so I made a list;

leave house; get coffee
clean house does it count if Ben Left mostly did this?
over pack in anticipation of cold weather and suit wearing>
work on wedding save the dates
work on a baby shower announcement
go see, with husband and best friend, tara donovan exibit it was SO. GOOD. GO if you have a chance.
spend lots of high quality time with my husband (it just wasn't enough! never enough!)
maybe, just maybe, eat lunch at arrivedercci
polish up another bigger list
finish watching return of the king
sleep in
turn 29
open presents from husband
get a free birthday massage from friend
water plants
go see mr. fox
have a night of thai take out & board games with friends
get up way too early
catch a flight to dc
get a christmas tree (yay!)

and, go.........

******update: dammit! reading blogs was NOT on the list. especially not before get coffee! damn damn damn.
*************update: i had decided NOT to get a (christmas) tree, so it was removed from the list before i posted it. but i am having doubts.


  1. haha this is like me, i love planning out timelines and to do lists. sounds busy but FUN! have a happy birthday!

  2. Anonymous8:21 AM

    sounds busy, but fun! most merry birthday.

  3. happy birthday! 29 was probably the best year of my life. and, i'm thinking tree. i mean, they're just so pretty...

  4. happy birthday! have a wonderful (busy) weekend.

  5. Happy Birthday! And thanks for the reminder that FUN things should make it onto lists too...

  6. Happy birthday! I hope you get to cross everything on this list, especially getting coffee, high quality time with husband, and the other fun things with people you love.

  7. i'm the same way. i can't operate w/o a to-do list. it's borderlining ocd status. anyway. hi :)

  8. Happeeeeeee birthday, my dear!