The other week was Ben's birthday. It was pretty low key. Veggie burger and beer, something of traditional for him. I wasn't supposed to buy him a gift, as he is getting a pretty rad guitar soon, but I can't not get him a gift. I was thinking of picking up a wallet or slippers. Both of his current ones are falling apart, and I swear I saw him eyeing a pair of slippers the other day.

But ESB stopped me. "pls don't buy slippers at the mall. that's so *father's day.*"

Fine, I guess your right, I thought begrugingly.

I decided to stop thinking like me and start thinking like him, and headed to the record shop.

He had the day off, so I just slipped the records into the stack of current listens by the record player. In the morning I texted him suggesting that he listen to some records.

"Good idea!" He texted back in sincerity. Ha.

The Nick Cave and Wipers are both excellent, the Love is so so. [Stick with the earlier stuff]


  1. such a sweet idea. the wipers is an awesome record. definitely agree about the Love, earlier = better.

  2. name dropping is gross, but hey! my husband played in the wipers. nice choices, hee.

    sorry, sheesh what a horrible first impression.

  3. oh phew, 2nd impressions don't count.

  4. that's so cool w&m that it negates the grossness.

    we are pretty much speechless over here.