Because of his bad fighting habits, Manny got an icky abscess last week, and had to have a little surgery. Our friends cat very recently, for the same reason, had the same.

See below for the communications that resulted. [warning, it is ridiculous]

hi man ray! cow here. we haven't officially met but my mom really likes you so i guess you must be pretty cool. well, i just wanted to tell you i know it sux to have a hole in your head and have to wear that lame-ass satellite dish but soon it will be over & you'll get to be a scrappy hell-raiser again. i'm jealous you get to wear a tube, too, that's pretty tuff. just let your mom give you medicine because she really cares. oh and milk it for all it's worth buddy, it's ALL about you right now so go with it!

peace out brother,

cow. dude. you need to talk to your doc about that f*cking lampshade around your neck. seriously. i may look like an anne geddes flower baby, but this shit is pliable. can you even sleep in that thing?

there is a hole in my head??? i didn't even notice. that must be why no one is letting me outside. i have been yelling at them non stop, morning noon and night. i think i almost lost my voice. but they haven't cracked. all day, i watch those dogs go in and out, and i'm stuck. do you know that they gave me a box to shit in? can you believe that? who would do that? a box? i don't see them shitting in a box.

well. see you around the 'hood. if i ever get outta here, that is.


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  1. hahahahahaha

    M's expression is hilarious, too...