not to brag or anything, but [despite lack of swimming holes] the weekend was pretty awesome. 4 days, i have decided, are the only way to go.

though it did get to a rough start. friday morning when i expected to sleep in i was woken by ben at 5 am on his way out the door to work, to tell me the kitty had got his ass kicked in a brawl. he was pretty beat up, but barring the possibility of a particularly nasty little scratch getting infected he will be ok. the upside was i made a bed for the two of us on the couch, turned on the tv and found a rerun of angel showing the episode that aired right after the very last buffy episode. [there is crossover, and i had never watched angel] we both fell asleep. i have since taken joy in over nurturing him. yes.

then the weekend commenced with;

pool lounging with best friend
cleaning the house before ben was even home from work
making announcements for the birth of my friends son, ansel
finally dining at the station tavern, after 2 years of anticipation
late night beers with friends in the back yard
coffee and scones at my favorite coffee shop
making it to the mcasd mix exhibit just before it ended [where we saw a model of said tavern]
walking to a beach i have never before visited in la jolla, with water so clear i pretended i was swimming in the mediterranean
helping ben with the poster for his new band's first show!
doing some design work for a little upcoming project



  1. gorgeous. my best to the kitty.

  2. I would like a little named Ansel.

  3. bill has been peeing his pants in anticipation of the new tavern. will it live up to his inflated expectations?

  4. It sounds perfect. Apart from the sore kitty. But the shnuggling with kitty sounds pretty good.