"And that is what is most impressive about the bungalow: there is nothing unnecessary in it. Everything Maxwell and Genevieve live with is something that they love and something that they have consciously chosen. Not every wall has artwork on it (though they have plenty they could fill it up with), not every surface has an object on it. Their house is full of treasures, but it's also full of space." -House tour on apartment therapy.

How very desperately I wish I could make this statement about our home.

I oscillate between hoarding and purging.

I try to put everything back in it's place, but when I get busy I end up shoving things haphazardly anywhere they can't be seen. This results in messy, sad boxes, closets, sheds, etc.

So far this summer, post graduation, I have successfully purged and or organized:

  • Bedroom closet
  • Dresser drawers
  • Hall closet of linens
  • Box full of post wedding "junk"*
  • Back shed
  • [in progress] front shed
  • [in progress] guest room
  • Jewelry boxes

Getting there.**

This weekend, I hope to finish the shed, [with the help of crashing my neighbors yard sale to rid ourselves of crap] then move on to the yard. After I finish the shed, I can move my art crap into it [making it the outhouse studio], freeing the guest room to only have to fill, like, 3 uses instead of 4.

*waiting a year to do this was a really good unintentional plan. I tried cleaning it out once before, but just didn't know what to do with all the stuff. Now it's been long enough that I can reasonable asses what was a keepsake, what was garbage, and what could be donated.

**after I clean everything out, I get to do some mini redecorating. But I have to earn it first.


  1. you have two sheds and a guest room? here's where i get jealous of all that space.

  2. This actually *is* about how I feel about our place... though god knows we have lots on the walls. I think it's the upside of haveing a tiny space you love. No space to hord... at 'tall.

    I like to think of our apartment as 'curated.' :)

  3. um when is this yard sale? i know a couple people in need of some schtuff!

  4. I have bouts where I throw piles of stuff out. I'm actually pretty happy with our apartment, but it will never have lots of space. Two people x multiple crafty activities + small apartment = crowded. The best I can hope for is uberorganization and decent storage solutions.

  5. gen's house is so different than when she first bought it. All the white has really made it pop.

    the view is whats so killer about that property, the decks and the view are amazing! The view from her sisters place upstairs is insane.

  6. That bungalow is rad. I aspire to minimalism up to a point...but c'mon, no NIGHTSTAND? Where do you keep the lube??