I have not been able to bring myself to wash my hair since we left the ace.

They have in their bathrooms supplies from Rudy’s Barbershop [incidentally, I used to get my hair cut there, in Seattle, before the days of their own line] that, to my dismay, are not available online. Yet. The shampoo and conditioner smell strongly similar to an elusive scent I have been hunting down for literally years, people.

As long as throughout the day I occasionally get the slightest whiff of that blissful smell on my locks, there will be no shampooing. [Don’t worry. I’m sure it will be tomorrow]



  1. don't shampoo yet!

    and um, can't you purchase said products at the various ace hotels? perhaps you could call and they will send?

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    don't worry. i'm a once a week hairwasher. i love a good smellin' shampoo, so i don't blame you one teensy bit.

  3. ME TOO! Rudy's on the Ave! xo to you yet again, blog friend.

  4. thanks cevd. i emailed, they are sending.

    i also read that it has a base scent of fig, finishing off with grapefruit, so now I can go to sephora and ask about ALL SCENTS WITH THIS

    mouse, :)

    naurnie, i can't make it a week! it gets soooo greasy, boo.