Ever since I read this line on Christine's blog "i might print it out and pin it to my cork wall..." I had been wondering, does she really mean a cork wall? an entire wall lined with cork? I had never really though about this before, but am intrigued by the idea.  Here we see it realized in a new swedish concept motel, read about here.  

I think I like.



    I'm always looking for better ways to stick things on the walls, since my work involves a lot of timelines. I'll post and show you my magnet strips, but oooh, cork wall...

    Did you see the new chalkboard paint at Design*Sponge? It comes in BRIGHT COLORS now! Whee!

  2. I had a cork wall once. It was amazing. Except sometimes I would put too much stuff on it. But it was amazing anyway.

  3. cork walls are the best (and yes, it was an entire wall).

    but i have to say that i am agreeing with mouse and am kinda thinking of painting half the studio in brightly hued chalkboard paint.