* Get a job at a rad arch firm in nyc. Move to a little home in Brooklyn, and have a baby. Because in nyc it is not weird [I assume] to live in a little place with a baby
* Become licensed pilots. Buy a seaplane. Move to a remote tropical island where it is our jobs to fly visitors on and off the island
* Score the highly coveted internship with this American life
* Run a b&b. pretty much anywhere. But, a really effing cute one that we design from head to toe
* Drag ben to providence. Get my masters from RISD
* Move somewhere that land is cheap. Have a barn in which we letterpress things. Also, a goat and a garden and fields where baby can run around in cloth diapers and we can build a teepee
* Sell everything. Move to [costa rica, france, Australia???] and just, get by
* Make graphics for metropolis magazine
* Move to the south, where there are swimming holes and pretty old buildings that cost less than one million dollars and it is actually hot in the summer
* Buy a bungalow in san diego. Somewhere we can walk to a favorite restaurant. Slowly transition into making pretty things like wedding invitations all day. Go to the beach while ben surfs and travel as much as possible to above referenced locations


  1. Oh I *love* this one. Isn't it always this way? *Sigh*

  2. I've been daydreaming lately too. Some of them are remarkable similar to yours.

  3. Anonymous5:59 AM

    it is not weird in NY to live in a small space with a baby. i wish i still lived there every day! the only thing that doesn't sound fun is hauling a stroller up + down the subway stairs.

  4. Well, I think you should do all of them. xo

  5. we have a few of the same daydreams on our list. I swing between loving the list and hating the list. I love your list.

  6. I like your dreams and share many of them. Summer definitely makes me dream more.

  7. You might want to talk to my friend S who lives in a Bklyn walk-up with a baby and no washing machine before you, y'know, DO IT.

    I'm not dissing Bklyn. Just babies.

  8. Great, yesterday I was the bride hater. Today I'm the BABY HATER.

    p.s. I'm really liking the bungalow in San Diego for you guys. Am I being too literal??

  9. this sounds divine. can i live in your daydream too?

  10. the "bungalow in sd" dream, esb, was like, my reminding myself that the currently chosen path was at once, and still should be looked at as a dream. not just, you know, what i am doing instead of other dreams. so yeah, it is in the lead as the favorite. but it too includes a baby. so, y'know.

  11. I like that jamie. and *of course* there is a baby!

  12. this list makes me feel better about my wandering and juxtaposed goals. go get it!