I might need one of these.  If they ever last more than a second without selling out.  I also def need that t shirt. Where did that shirt come from?


  1. oh dear.

    I was overjoyed to discover that you're a fellow architect, and so, this little piece of advice goes with the knowledge that you (as do I) know how to make a crap load of stuff, or learn to make it/anything.

    These little guys would be a piece of cake to make. The only complicated part would be to select the chain and clasp. Otherwise, the string portion is something I learned to do at summer camp (read: painfully simple).

    Let me know if you need any more advice - but I advise you to get creative, and you could have one in less than an hour. (minus supply shopping time)

  2. i want a necklace too. or a bunch of them. sadly i think she is "taking a break." i guess everyone needs a break once in a while.

  3. PERFECT and gorgeous. Dern you for making me want them. :)

  4. heehee. I know I *could* make it. Buuut. She already sourced that cool vintage chain. And, I like to sometimes support the little guys for coming up with cool ideas. And, well, I'm darn busy.

    Break?!? Maybe I *will* have to make on. Or three? We can be matchy?