Now that I am done having weddings I, like meg, am trying to squeeze more headwear wearing opportunities into my life. Well, graduation of course. I went back on forth on wether to buy one, or make one, or beg someone like Genevieve to let me commission one from them, but then when we past a Michael's craft store on the way home from buying groceries in part of town we don't regular and Ben Left agreed to go in, it was settled.

I found this nice little silk flower for 5 dollars, the feathers were another 5, and the leather strap just a few.

I would tell you how to make one, but I didn't really do much. Just ran the leather around the base of the flower and tied it, then pinned the feathers to the flower base, and tied the whole thing around my head. I should probably do some gluing before I wear it for real.