I will be honest with you. I have some mixed feelings with v. day. [as I do with many holidays]. Not to say I don't love stuff like this and especially this, and Ben and I usually do a little something. I was recently getting in the spirit by reminising to our first valentines day togethor six years ago. I made him a little treasure box covered in vintage buttons, cause his band at the time was called The Buttons. [with respect to the object and the Stones album] He made me a huge red valentine that read

won't you tell me what you're thinking of
would you be an outlaw for my love

{from big star; thirteen}

After dinner at a romantic little cafe around the block from my house we went to the Casbah to see Zen Guerilla.

Notice a theme? We were f*ing rockers. He still is. I will use this as inspiration for the going ons of this Saturday.



  1. you can still be a rocker at heart. even if you do not go to the casbah on v-day anymore. happy weekend with your hubbie valentine.

  2. Valentine's is tricky. You don't want to get sucked into all the cheesy commercial stuff, but it's hard not to. You guys are going to rock out this weekend and do something amazing and yet not cheesy. I know it.