See this? This is the view that will be enjoyed when I graduate in June. That's right. No stuffy auditorium for us.  

My school is small enough and lucky enough to hold its graduation every year at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, part of UCSD.  It is San Diego's architectural treasure, designed by Louis Khan.  




  1. See, if the light at the end of the school tunnel were always so well-designed, I'd be more motivated.

  2. "Salk" reads very much like "sulk" this morning young lady.

    Suck it up. You'll get there.

  3. I can't believe you get to hold your graduation there! It is one of my favorite places, and as a scientist, it incites mad envy because those are the most beautifully designed labs I've ever seen. Twelve million times better than any lab I've ever worked in. So genius.

  4. how awesome! have you ever seen the documentary "my architect" about louis kahn? pretty good. either way, the scenes of this masterpiece of a building were by far my favorite!

  5. i LOVE the salk.

    Guess what? My mom works there! Because she is a scientist. We actually considered getting married there too. It's sooooo perty.

    it will be so beautiful.