an email conversation* between me and my friend john**:

[john:] some people are dumb.
and do dumb things with their time.
{in which point he inserted a link where I will insert images}

[still john] super psh.

[me] i am going to blog about how dumb this guy is.

[john] yeah, here's his blog so you can really point out his dumbness to the whole world

[me] so dumb

[me, trying to one up him on things to do beside working] http://www.giraffemanor.com/index.html[thanks, P.]

at which point john was so blown away by giraffe manor that the conversation became verbal. luckily we were the only ones in the office at the time.

These diagrams are visualizations of various information such as, "the frequency of the words 'socialism' (orange) and 'capitalism' (green) in New York Times articles since 1981." OR "the occurrence of the term 'organic' in the New York" taken from blprnt_van's photostream.

Diagrams are so cool.

*Yes, we are facetious beyond dorky

**I should take a moment to tell you about John. First of all, he took that photo on my header of Joshua Trees covered in snow, and let me use it here, since I have not ever been lucky enough to get snowed in in Joshua Tree. Thank you, John! B] Not only is he my only real life friend [of the few who know about the blog] who reads the blog *regularly*, but he is a male that does so, and he has done so ever since it was about weddings. Compile that with the fact that I see him every day at work, and so during the whole wedding planning process, he was the poor friend who had to hear WAY TO MUCH ABOUT IT. And he was always a dear about it. Isn't that sweet? You should all say hi to John.


  1. I like John because he likes giraffes.
    I am worried that John won't like me because I am too dumb to understand the diagrams. Seriously, I don't understand them, despite advanced degrees and a course in stats.

    I have exactly two boys who read my blog. One of them is a pervert who lives in Cork, the other lives in Oklahoma and likes it when I post pictures of scantily clad ladies (hence adult content warning). Please tell John that I need to increase my male readership. I will post pictures of naked giraffes just for him.

  2. Hi John. I wish I had a boy who read my blog who I wasn't married to. Sigh.

    i don't understand the diagrams either. Although I think the one with the big red splodge (gun shot wound?) is pretty.

  3. Hello to John! I hope you have a good day and get to eat your favorite kind of sandwich. Or if you do not like sandwiches, maybe a delicious apple that is crisp and only a little bit sour. Do you like sandwiches?

  4. Hi John. This conversation makes no sense.

    I have a fabulous male reader with a mustache who wears plaid. My husband also has a mustache (and also occasionally wears plaid!) but I'm not clear on how often he reads. Which is a little disconcerting.

  5. Hi John! Mmmmm....diagrams. You guys are dorks, for serious.

  6. Anonymous11:14 AM

    hi everyone!

    thanks for your best sandwich wishes, and while i have never seen an naked giraffe, i somehow think that i would enjoy the experience.

    maybe it's weird that i admitted that.

    also, i have seen, and occasionally visit, each of your blogs and they are all, to the teeth, too cool. unfortunately i only have a limited capacity for wedding ephemera, please don't hold it against me. not that they are all marraige-centric, but i will continue to be checking them out because jamie is phenomenal as hell, and anyone that reciprocates that is worth my time.