desertbride: oh. hey. [awkward pause] i, um, didn't expect to see you here.....

desert fete: yeah, uh, been a while.

db: yeah. i guess it has...... hey, [consolatory] i am really sorry about that... it's just that school has been.......

df: oh. [interrupting] it's cool. i understand. i mean, you got obligations and a life and stuff.

db: yeah, i have been pretty busy. you know, school, work, the holidays.

df: i get that.

db: but, i have been meaning to write, post and stuff. i think about posting all the time.

df: sure, sure. you know, i saw you around here and there.... posting comments on some other blogs and stuff.

db: [silence]

df: i heard you even were going to do like a guest post or something over at Nole's blog.....

db: [heavy with guilt] i know. i meant to tell you about that, I feel like crap that you didn't hear about it from me. really.

df: no, no. i am sorry. i am the jerk, i should have even brought it up. let's just put it behind us, k?

db: yeah, that sounds good. i really have been meaning to post. but there is something i wanted to ask you....

df: [eyebrows raised in inquiry]

db: i was thinking i might end up posting a lot more if, i uh, ditched the wedding theme... [quick to explain] not all together, not at all! just, you know, as a focus.

df: um, maybe you havn't noticed, but you have't really focused on weddings, well, since you got married.

db: yeah. i guess your'e right. but i was feeling kind of bad about it. i guess i had kind of a need to make it official. but really, i don't mean to say i wont ever post about weddings....

df: i know! it's cool.

db: so, i gotta get back to work, but, listen, i am really glad we had this talk. i feel alot better.

df: me too, me too. see you soon?

db: totally.

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  1. Bah! You're hilarious. I'll be sad to not have you as a wedding inspiration but I'm sure I'll love whatever else you whip up!

  2. You speak my language, girl. Love this post - and your blog! Share with us whatever inspires you.

  3. too funny. for one full day i moved you from "wedding-y blogs" to "other (current) obsessions." and then i moved you back b/c your wedding is one of my all time favorite weddings. so obviously this issue is on my mind too...

    but i'll tell you a secret. (don't remind me of this. ever.) it would probably be *healthier* for you to ditch to wedding focus.

  4. Hooray!! Can you please write a post about your trip to SF. Hopefully you enjoy visiting all my coolest places, and then you'll write about it and I'll feel very very cool.

    But really, your a style blog. I'm over it already. Yay. I'm glad your back. I'll move you on the blogroll.

  5. Anonymous9:43 AM

    ha ha i thought you had dropped off the planet! but ditching thr wedding theme noooo!


  6. yayers you're back!!!

    and totally.