Every fall I obsess over boots. I love boots. With sun dresses, with jeans... To work, school, out on the town. And right now, there are so so so many good boots styles out there. I was going to do a post full of lust-worthy new ones, but I decided to go vintage instead:

1. I can't afford new boots of the quality I desire just now

2. My research for my thesis project is forcing me to think daily and seriously about the cost of our nation's insatiable consumption of new materials and energy

3. I like old stuff, a lot.

So. I finally took the plunge and bought these insane beauties on etsy. Keeping my fingers crossed that they fit. Otherwise I'll have to put them back up for sale or something......

The rest of these are all still for sale on etsy, less than 100 bucks each, I think....


  1. I'm falling prey to a boot fetish as well. I think I'm going to have to hop over to Etsy and spend some time browsing, starting with your suggestions.

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  3. I obsess over boots every fall/winter, too. And I'm trying not to drool. And I hate that every time I seem to find a pair I like the look of (online), they're ridiculously expensive. Like $700 Cole Haan boots, or $1,100 Ferragamo boots. I should just check out etsy, I think.

  4. yeah. those vintage ones I bought? in perfect condition? ferragamos.

    but there is one major drawback. i guess they didn't make chocolate brown boots in the past. they are all tan, reddish or camel. which means next winter i might have to buck up for a new pair....

  5. Oh the jealousy. =] They are some good looking boots. I hope they fit!

    I'm on the prowl for chocolate brown riding boots right now.

  6. I was drooling over #5 the other day but when I convo'd the seller about the size she said they were between a 6-7. Ouch. I am almost tempted to bind my feet for how cheap/cute they are.

    Etsy has the best vintage boots!