Yes these are our rings.  Mine is an estate piece from the 20's than Ben Left and I picked out together.  We both fell in love with it immediately. [He proposed with a cute simple vintage ring so he could keep it a surprise since our finances are already intertwined.]

Ben's is a hammered [white gold piece like mine] that was lovingly hand-made by a dear friend of ours. She has made jewelry of the beading type for ages, and just in the last year expanded to metal work.

I wish I knew how to photograph jewelry!

Next subject....... There is something you should know; I am a good 4 [maybe 5?] inches taller than Ben Left.

I do wear heels, but not to our wedding.  

I thought my shoes search was going to be easy, flats are in right? but it was insanely difficult.  I remember my best friend coming over to look through all the pages I and bookmarked on the net in my search.  "no, no, no, no, no....." And so on.

The problem? Flats often don't have enough curve.  It is easy to be sexy if you are a heel.  But if you are a flat, you gotta have curves to be a little sexy.  And so many of the flats we were seeing were flat not only in height but also in profile.

There were two acceptable shoes.  One set were perfect, but 348$.  Totally out of budget.  The second I was not quite sure of the color, but Best Friend assured me the maroon would compliment Ben Left's shirt nicely.  So I got em.

They came and they were fine so I put them in my closet and forgot about them.

Until a couple of months later when I tried them on again with a new accesorry and the dress.  I just didn't love them.  I decided to torture myself and peek at the 348$ Loeffler Randall's.

I found them on sale for 118$.  Yes.  I.  Did.  And yeah. I ordered those 118 on sale rosegold Loeffler Randall's.  And I do love them.

Here they are in all their flat shoe curvyness next to Ben's Manly vintage cowboy engineer boots. [which look much less harsh when worn with his suit.]


  1. Your rings are lovely, and those shoes are perfect! And curvy. I had no idea what you were talking about and then I saw the picture and I got it. You're right - most flats aren't curvy. Congrats on finding sexy flats!

  2. Fab. And I love his boots!!

  3. perfect flats. love LR. they are evil in their goodness, but priciness. and they are so cute next to your man's boots.

  4. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Him and Her or Her and Him. She and Him is really wrong.

  5. She & Him is the name of a band.