This is a serious hair flower. It is messy, it is big, and I think maybe Madonna circa '85 would have rocked it. I originally had a more dainty custom flower ordered. It is sooooo cute. But in the end I think that was the problem, it was too cutesy. I tried to be ok with it; I mean it was really quite nice. But it kept nagging at me. And since there was no way I was breaking the budget to order a second hair flower I headed to the fabric store and spent 7 bucks and whipped up this little beauty.

The secret weapon: tulle. The irony: i never thought there would be any tulle within 100 yards of our wedding. My favorite part of the tulle: it is the same coral pink as the tulle in the dress in my closet that my mom wore when she married my dad, and that my grandma wore when she married my grandpa.

Speaking of that dress, there was no way I was fitting into it, but my twig like 15 year old sister tried it on with the thought of wearing it to my wedding and it was too small. My mom wore this dress after she gave birth to my brother and it is too small for my 15 year old sister, who is small!!! Crazy! Mom musta been so little!

ps: yes, it was very inspired by the line at ban.do


  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    You did an incredible job! It is absolutely lovely...

  2. Anonymous1:44 PM

    When you have a moment could you email me at oncewed at gmail dot come? I have a quick question for you.



  3. Anonymous9:14 AM

    would you ever consider making another one to sell? i love this and it's exactly what i'd like to wear at my upcoming desert wedding in scottsdale! i'd love to buy one - or take a few tips on how you made it...