I seem to have lost most of the photos from this little beach trip, save these two. Trying to be stiff upper lip-ey about the whole thing.... Henry was pretty cute every morning, bundled up in his hand knit cap (which has twin owls) going for walks with his papa to check out the surf.


  1. oh my GAHHHH.

    first: henry is beautiful. love the cap.

    second: i'm so sorry...i was gonna say you whipped right by that horrible piece of losing the photos...i'm so glad you're handling it with style, lady.

    those two photos are absolutely perfect, anyway.

  2. henry in a hat is DELICIOUS.

    and, agreed. the two photos you managed to hold onto are perfection.

  3. Anonymous2:48 PM

    how did i miss this post?

    puh-lease. that baby. adoooorable.

  4. that last picture just takes my breath away! there are many pictures of babies on the internet ... but really! this is great.