Thanks for weighing in.  It was helpful, in some ways. {Yes, they will probably like it. No, the baby probably won't. } Anywhoo it is almost 8PM.  I have to pack, eat dinner, wrap presents, spend time with my husband {he is staying home, boo} and get my shit together in general for a 7 thirty flight tomorrow morning.  If I am still motivated after all that I will make the jungle mobile, otherwise it is bird's-ville.  Either way, weekend in the bay area, weeeee!


Like an insane person, I went to Mission Valley after school [San Diego's land dedicated to big box shopping and traffic nightmares] where I found the perfect swivels to use between each segment of the mobile, so that they would rotate individually, in the form of a fishing supply at a sporting good store.  I also made a quick pass at finding a new something to wear to the baby shower, but all that turned into was me in the giant communual loehman's dressing room realizing I really need to be, uh, working out.  

Then after said activities outlined above had been completed [sort of] I tried applying the new swivels to the already made bird mobile and.... it. was. a. disaster.  I can cut me some paper like a madwoman, but knots? I aint no boyscout.  There was not enough wire between each of the segments for my unskilled hands to make the right connections. So, I kind of ruined the bird one, which left me a little dejected, at which point I drank a beer and retuned to the activity of spending time with my husband before I got all mad at myself.

Also, though the in law sibling's house is a little less modern than I remembered, the baby's nursery was more modern than the rest of the house.  Also... there. was. a. lot. of. brown.

I didn't tell them that the baby won't like it, but maybe I will reconsider my color palette for when I finally make the mobile.  You know, to balance things out.

Jesus. Was this really worth three paragraphs? All you wanted was a bird or jungle answer, I'm sure.  


  1. Hi, I'm late on leaving comments about your mobile, but one thing is for sure...if it is hanging and moving slowly, the baby will love it, whatever it is. I recently made my niece (5 months old) an origami bird mobile for Christmas. She loves it, is entranced by it, and I'm sure she has no clue that the things floating above her head are birds. It's a great way to calm a baby. When my sister is at the dinner table trying to get a bite in to eat between taking care of the kids, there's not a peep coming from the 5 month old...all eyes on the bird mobile.
    Your loved ones will love anything you make them and after witnessing the effect, they'll be very grateful.