Alright.  I use all of my mind power to summon all ten or so of my regular readers to check in within the next 10 hours and give you opinion on the following subject.  I mentioned in the past the upcoming arrival of a niece in my family, and this weekend is her baby shower.  I have been dying to try my hand at making mobiles. Since her parents bought her some kind of jungle themed bedding, I was going to make a little jungl-y mobile... using little lions, giraffes, monkeys and elephants like the little guy below, he was for practice....

I also tested my mobile making ideas with this simple little red flock inspired number....  It is just four birds in a line [small to large] with wood veneer on one side and rich museum board on the other.

So, here is the dilemma.  After all of my practicing, the quarter resumed, and I uh, ran out of time. I know, I know. I am a terrible aunt already.  But I did make some prototypes for the announcements, does that redeem me a little? Anyways... I was thinking of just giving them this little birdie one.  But then Ben Left made a frowny face at that suggestion.  Apparently he thinks it is a little too mod design for our slightly more main stream siblings.  Ok, they are slightly more main stream and conservative in their tastes than us, but they are pretty hip 30 something bay area foodie types.  After all, we bought them this for christmas  and they loved it.... [or they are better actors than I would give them credit for]

So. What do you say? Would the average young kind of hip but not over the moon modern design lover like to hang this little birdie mobile in their little girls room?  Do I dwell over this stuff too much? Hmmmmm..... Help?


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    I think the birdie mobile would be a wonderful gift. I also thought about making a mobile for my new nephew over the summer, and your siblings sound even more hip than my in-law siblings! So, I vote in favor of the birdie mobile.

  2. I think it's totally fine. I love the birdie mobile. And it's the kind of mod design that is gaining popularity now anyway so I'm sure they would think it is cool. Would it take much time to make an elephant one that matches the picture? Because that would be super cute. Good luck!

  3. yeah, that is what I was thinking, about the gaining popularity. Ben's reaction just kinda made me second guess... Uh would take a few hours to make another one... I don't really have a few hours cause I have a big school presentation next Wednesday and am spending the weekend in SFO for the shower. Yikes! I *could* just wait and give them the mobile later...

  4. I love the birdies, and I think anyone would love them. But I guess they don't really go with a jungle theme. Although there are birds in the jungle. Don't ask a chronically indecisive person for advice, I guess.

    Did you laser cut them? I've been trying to get all my laser cut desires done before D finishes up his final quarter and we lose access to the cutter.

  5. I wish! Hand. My school is lame and is only JUST ABOUT to get a laser cutter this quarter. I CANT WAIT, I have never used one before. Of course I graduate in June, but I go to a really small school, and the shop guy is a friend of mine, so I *might* get post graduate access.
    Post some of your laser projects???? Would love to see what you do with it!!!!

    Yeah, not jungly, but they have dark wood furniture, so... anyways, you don't want everything *too* matchy, right?

    Yeah. Indecisive, tell me about it.

    Also, glad D liked the book. :)

  6. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I think the elephants would be much cuter, if you had the time to make them. The birds are a nice runner-up, though, and I think both are lovely ideas.

  7. That's funny. I have an unfinished sock elephant in a drawer that was supposed to be for my best friend's baby (now 6 mos old).

    Wait. Trust your gut (and Ben). When you have time, make the jungle mobile in bright, baby-friendly colors. Apparently brown is a baby's least favorite color (I kid you not), and this is the kind of sh*t that parents read up on.


  8. You're dwelling. ;-)
    The mobile is really cute and even if it's a bit mod for their tastes,eu it's going to take over the room. I think it will go with their theme very nicely.

  9. Wow. Don't know what happened there.
    That's supposed to read "even if it's a bit mod for their tastes, it's not going to take over the room."

  10. Speaking as a almost 30 bay area foodie type, they'll love it. And handmade? Double love. Don't even think twice. They are awesome.

  11. If you don't give it to them, can I have it? (That's probably not helpful, but I know nothing about babies or almost 30 bay area foodie types. I do love the mobile though.)

  12. They would be crazy not to love it. Simple, but not "out there."