Road Trip!

{from our last trip to Tucson}

No, not the one I have been longing for, but a super mini trip to Tucson to spend Thanksgiving with Ben's Mom. Still, I am excited. Looking forward to:

1. taking lots of pictures with my polaroid
2. having desert hair [straight]
3. catching up with extended family over a wonderful feast
4. going on a house tour in Bisbee!
5. trolling the vintage/thrift shops
6. giving Ben's mom her very late thank you gift from our wedding, and her photo album
7. anticipating that around every corner we might run into Joey Burns
8. Hitting up the Nimbus Brewery [Ok, this is really Ben's agenda, but what's his is mine, right?]
9. Spending so much time with my sweetie. Yes. We have to go away to do this. Sigh.
10. Eating at that really good Guatemalan food place and maybe even that awesome Japanese place... Hmmm.... I think we might have too many meals in here....
11. Driving

{from our last trip to Bisbee}

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