Again with Marfa

I think I mentioned in my post about El Cosmico how I keep hearing bits [randomly, oh. so. randomly.] about Marfa Texas.  It happened again.  I keep checking Calexico's website.  Hoping that they might decide to add one last show to their current tour and play Tucson [their hometown] while we are there for Thanksgiving. [Cause it is Ben Left's hometown too.] Instead, what do I see but a blog post about Marfa, TX.  Seriously?  

From Calexico's blog:

Three of us on a big ass bus. Jason double checks to see if we really wanna go to Marfa. We nod in unison..."mmh hmm." Hours wiz by and we land smoothly and safely right outside the Thunderbird Motel. The front desk clerk, Kaki, rents us some bikes to tool around town. Old cruisers that take to the wide open road like a pair of new Converse on a hot summer day. Jacob and I meet a couple on similar bikes. We look like the only inhabitants on the city streets. Cars, tractors, trucks pass by. No one does a double take. There's a strange balance here.

So of course I look into the Thunderbird Motel.  Get right out of F*ing town.  Look at this place!

Road trip of Spring 2010; [yes, that is how sadly ahead I must plan] we are so going through Marfa.  Oh, the town has a blog, too.  


  1. I liked the happy bithday Etch-A-Sketch. *sigh* I miss Calexico. To have them in Tucson again would be wonderful....

  2. This post made me laugh! Although, I admit this motel looks great, the town is very small. It will be nice for a one night stay drive-thru of sorts, but there really is not much to do there! (Note: I am from Dallas-ish, but I have a childhood friend originally from Marfa.)