Oh, el Cosmico

Daydream career #29: small inn, camp, b&b, or some other vacation-y rental place keeper. Like El Cosmico. In Marfa Texas [a place I have never been but inexplicably keeps popping back up on my radar, why?!? I mean really, Marfa, TX?].

Also a current daydream is a slow extensive road trip through the southern half of the country being carfefully planned out in my mind, and El Cosmico is an important stop in this trip.

From the website:

What is El Cosmico?

El Cosmico is the latest lodging concept from Liz Lambert and her management company, Bunkhouse. Lambert is the creative force behind the renowned Hotel San Jose in Austin, as well as the city's landmark coffee houses, Jo's Hot Coffee on South Congress and Downtown. Lambert's new project, El Cosmico, is currently under construction on 15 acres of land in Marfa, Texas. "El Cosmico will be part yurt and hammock hotel, part residential living, part art-house, greenhouse and amphitheatre – a community space that fosters and agitates artistic and intellectual exchange." Lambert is working with the acclaimed architecture firm Lake/Flato and with Jack Sanders of Design Build Adventure.


Yeah, it features re-vamped vintage trailers!

This would be just my kinda place to rent for the whole freakin' week for a wedding. If I wasn't already married.

images from here here here and here


  1. Opening an awesome B&B (no chintz allowed) is one of my dreams! Let's do it.

  2. i'm with you there - opening a b&b is one of my dreams too! only my version would be rustic eco-friendly cabins in upstate ny. someday. gotta get rich enough to buy the property first.

  3. I want to go to Marfa too...such an out of the way place though. It's not like you can go to Marfa "on the way" somewhere else. I get afraid to spend all my vacation money on something that might not live up to my expectations...though these pictures are convincing me otherwise. Plus...all that Donald Judd and the space to enjoy it couldn't be all that bad...!

  4. It's very mean of you to post these pics when I'm supposed to be working.

    I. Want. Road. Trip.

  5. Anonymous7:10 PM

    yeah Marfa really is in the middle of nowhere but is is fascinating. Have you seen this place, I think owned by the same woman http://www.sanjosehotel.com/
    We didn't take an official honeymoon b/c we went to Morocco in December (awesome btw) and have Austin on the radar for a mini-moon.

  6. Speaking of Marfa...have you heard of Fancy Pony Land? Designer Lorna Leedy spends half the year in Marfa and half in Washington state (I think that's it). Her wedding was featured on offbeatbride.com. It looks fabulous: http://offbeatbride.com/2008/01/lornas-pioneer-wedding-colorado

  7. I <3 Austin. And the San Jose Hotel, and pretty much the rest of South Congress. You have to come visit if you get a chance. I'll show you all the fun spots.

    And Marfa isn't *too* out of the way, if you're driving (the very long drive) from El Paso to San Antonio on I-10.

  8. @esb i have a post from 2008 (about marfa) lamenting how sad it was that i was planning a road trip to the south for the spring of 2010. fuck me. i must have meant twothousandELEVEN.