This might have made our inspiration board if I had seen it pre-wedding.  If I had seen it pre-most planning, it might have been enough for me to want to convince Ben Left that we should have a central coast wedding in Fall [September doesn't count as fall in San Diego] and that I should wear black heals with my three quarter sleeve dress and that I would actually end up wearing my hair like this...... [This is how I *really* wanted it for the wedding, but planning it was too stressful, I am terrible at doing my hair, so I just said F it.] And that the lighting would be divine.  And that we would buy a classic car for ourselves before the wedding.  Just that. Oh! We could have spent the money that we spent on the wedding on the car. And then eloped up the coast in it..... Just ranting here people.  Oh to have numerous weddings......

Image from  Vogue via here

ps yeah 1 month anniversary!


  1. Totally inspirational. I think the problem is that I can think of about 3 distinctly different weddings that would all be awesome and fun. How do you cope with that?

  2. fabulous. (but your hair was better!)

    Oh rachel you ask the tough questions.

  3. esb: thanks, but no.

    rachel: you listen to your very stylish and always opinionated finance who will guide in times of indecision. post wedding though, I mostly sigh a lot and try not to dwell on it.

  4. Ditto about the hair. Mine was not how I wanted it but I'm crap with my hair and just gave up trying to torture it into the style I wanted. I decided my sanity was more valuable.

    Fab picture.